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TC2 is a group of companies that operates in the field of management, testing, inspection&certification (MTIC) with high specialization in the value chain of manufacturing and industrial and infrastructure processes. We were born in 2013 with the aim of supporting the needs of any type of company, providing a staff of high competence and international experience and offering our customers the highest level of technical and professional services, regardless of size.

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In order to offer clients an increasingly state-of-the-art and specialized service, able to give real added value, it was decided to go to work on some specific areas of specialization.

Company Labs

Having decided to manage the provision of our services in a personalized form for each customer, was born the need to no longer think about the development of the classic service “as is” but to leading real thematic laboratories of development, customization and realization of bespoke solutions starting from a structured service base to be integrate and customizable according to the needs of each individual customer.


It is a bespoke solution that provide additional value services consistently, high quality and competitive in terms of cost.

Vendor Management

An integrated service designed to reduce the cost and delivery times, evaluate and improve the suppliers performance, assess goods [...]

Human Capital Management

We provide a solutions that fit with your business needs and your organization culture. Our goal is to identify [...]

Assurance Lab

We deliver an affordable quality service for a wide range of accredited certification services - from the managment [...]


We controls the quality of your manufacts, half-finished or equipment already in operation, through also innovative techniques that can [...]

Center of Knowledge

We offer bespoke in-house or mixed training programs. Following you at every stage of mapping training needs helping you [...]