Itas Fives Spa


Plant Due Diligence


Piacenza (IT)

Client needs

In order to consolidate its strong presence on the Italian market, the client had initiated the project of development and realisation of a new testing facilities for the testing of industrial burners for the oil&gas application. As this plant is conceived in a mixed way or consists of parts of new realizations and parts already in use and recovered from the production site of Marseille (Fr), the customer’s need was to ensure first of all the proper operation and compliance of the components recovered from the previous plant, the compliance of the entire plant to European and Italian regulations in the context of machine directive and safety at work and develop an asset maintenance plan once it has been installed and ensured smooth operation and compliance.


Our services included the review of engineering design , development of a Gap Analysis against the requirements of the D.Lgs. 81/08 for plant safety in addition to an environmental impact assessment, develop a fabriaction and control plan dedicate for the plant and perform Risk based Inspections in accordance to FCP, general inspection during the commissioning of plant and carrying out a due diligence of all components against applicable EU Directives (Machine, ATEX, PED, Electromagnetic Compatibility) including recommendations and improvement actions follow-up. Development a risk assesmment and an organization model according to HSE aspect regarding the operations inside the testing facility along the maintenance plan for the assets. During the risk based inspections activities have been performed also acceptance testing , corrosion examination , advanced ultrasonic and superficial non destructive test in order to ensure the security and re-availabilty of the plant and specifically for the recoverd items from the previous testing facility.