Ensuring the integrity of your plants through periodic verifications and monitoring is a fundamental process in asset management discipline. The asset integrity routine industrial inspections mainly involve the use of ladders, ropes and plants to scale large machinery and towers, supervise processes and detect bottlenecks. In addition to being risky for inspectors, the process requires the closure of machinery, resulting in significant financial implications.

The dynamic drone inspections solution offer a professional tool for visually visualization hard-to-access areas, giving them a safer and cheaper way to gain a greater understanding of processes critical to operation. By creating a fully automatic platform the drone is deployed and landed autonomously, with predefined missions and applications, to collect aerial data that the system analyzes, providing a clear picture of machinery and equipment’s that is difficult to detect. TC2 thanks to its experience in the asset integrity management and in-site inspections has develop A DRONE INSPECTION solutions able to ensure the proper monitoring and preddictive maintenance control process far better performing to the physically inspections with minor risk and costs , offering solution for the marine/offshore and industrial clients who were looking for Faster, Less expensive and Safer alternative also for Confined Spaces and hazardous locations.

Typical applications of our drone services are

  • Infrared Thermography
  • General visual inspections
  • Coating verification
  • Structural integrity
  • Welding visual inspections
  • Corrosion evaluation


  • No need for people to work on heights or face dangerous situation
  • Using drones for visual inspection is significantly less expensive than scaffolding erection, rope access specialists or cherry picker/ crane hiring.
  • Results of the drone inspection help to prioritize further inspection, maintenance and repairs.
  • Inspection of the cargo tank by drone can be done in 1-2 hours depending of the tank size. Comparing to time of scaffolding erection/ dismantling or rope access services it can save up to 80-90% of preparation time.
  • 100% of inspection flight is recorded in Ultra HD (4K) quality and provided to the client along with optional inspection report. Documentation is kept for future reference/ comparison during next inspection cycle.