Buyers and investors need to estimate and plan future costs for the management, maintenance and repair of  asset and  plant both in the preventive phase (design or pre-purchase) that in the erection and commissioning phases.  As Independent Engineers  we conduct technical due diligence  gives the assurance that the assumptions in the project’s are technically sound and that the project is compliant, assess the risks associated with the design of the project’s facilities, and their integration into the existing plant , includes reviewing and analysis of any existing equipment’s and piping systems. This service is available in all  Europe.


Our service offering includes the following steps:

  • Value assessment
  • Condition Assessment including review of operational records – outage history and maintenance records
  • Non-Destructive Examination
  • Capital cost justification
  • Variable operation and maintenance cost analysis
  • Long-term maintenance and capital spending plan
  • Performance and test reports
  • Budgeting methods, productivity improvement and equipment life management
  • Review of Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA)
  • Contingency Planning and Failure Prediction, including Equipment Survival Analysis
  • Asset Management Software
  • Financial and Operational Data Benchmarking


    • Identify critical issues and/or malfunctions
    • Prevent the onset of future problems
    • Develop control, maintenance utilization plans to ensure that these aspects are carried out in the most correct and accurate manner