Certification of personnel in the industrial plants  and infrastructure sector is not only a company proof of commitment in continuous improvement but a real ticket to trade its services since proving to have staff Certified in accordance with certain rules is often a contractual requirement as well as the various applicable product regulations. TC2  is a leading professional provider offering a wide range of management certification services:

Our Personnel Certification services includes:

  • Responsible Welding Coordinator : ISO 14731
  • Non Destructive Examination Operators : ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A
  • Welders : ISO 9609
  • Brazers and Brazing Operators : ISO 13585
  • Welding Operators : ISO 14732
  • Maintenance technicians of the flanged junctions bolted : EN 1591-4


  • A smart and proactive independent verifications
  • Short time in the delivery of audits and issuance certifications
  • Worlwide coverage able to support the multi-national companies needs
  • Ticket to trade your product
  • Our accredited personnel certification services span a wide range of fields and take into account standards and requirements generally recognized on the international stage
  • Validation by an objective third party gives employees confidence in their skills and gives customers confidence they have chosen the right partner