Construction, Maintenance & Services Solution is a new division of TC2 created with the aim of offering innovative services to support pressure equipment manufacturers, rotating equipment manufacturers and suppliers of turnkey industrial plants in the construction, erection, maintenance processes  integrating the classic services offered on the market with technological innovation and the Internet of Things.

TC2 has a highly qualified team of operational technical staff in addition to an engineering  team and a network of laboratories for the analysis of failures and damage offering our customers an integrated one-stop-solution in the CMS field.

The highest degree of precision and reliability is the strength of our CMS team integrate with innovative services of remote assistants in augmented reality and Iot through our CMSx package that through the use of our smart helmet connected with TC2 remote assistant app. 

We operate in the following fields: 

  • Construction of pressure and rotating equipments                         
  • Installation/start up equipment and construction/supervision ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations 
  • Highly qualified repairs
  • Revamping supervision and operations of the equipments
  • Asset Integrity Inspections included Drone Inspections and Thermography


  • Identifying the right people needs for your project, minimizing the economic risks for your company
  • Reduced CMS costs  and increase project flexibility
  • Outsourcing of project personnel
  • Allows you to focus on core business processes
  • Services allows optimal running conditions of the plants in order to ensure a prolonged and efficient activity during its entire lifecycle
  • Reducing on site visits 
  • Real-time connection with a TC2 technician “Live” connection with augmented reality through an App
  • Chat with simultaneous translation
  • Pictures and videos acquisition by TC2 Engineers.