EPC , Packagers and Equipment Manufacturers   when  are faced with major projects for which  need implement their project team  usually hire external skilled people for short-medium term to integrate the workforces. TC2  is a leading professional service provider specializing in the recruitment of contract and temporary positions on behalf of the world’s top companies in the industrial field and  provide tailor-made solution for your business needs formulating  an human resource solutions enable to weather economic fluctations, regulations expenditures and enhance productivity.

  • Temporary Project Manager
  • Temporary Project  Quality Manager
  • Temporary Inspection and Expediting Coordinator
  • Project Inspector and Project Expediter
  • Document Controllers and Clerk


  • Allow you to focus on core values
  • Ability to cut cost
  • Strict selection process
  • Access to high value talents skills
  • Access to our technology and digital solutions