Globalization , access to specialized technology and the need to reduce the costs associated with the procurement and construction of plants has led EPC and Packagers to articulate a rather complex supply chain involving suppliers around the world. Often the hectic pace and the conditions of the realization of their plants in record time make it difficult to have an adequate presence on site of suppliers during the testing and control phases of supplies purchased in the various areas of the globe simultaneously .
TC2 thanks to its consolidate experience in the vendor management services has develop A REMOTE SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONE able to ensure the proper monitoring and control of the performance of the suppliers with the same quality and effectiveness of site visits integrated our inspection and expediting knowledge with information technology and could based tools drived by skilled engineers.


  • Reduce Cost
  • Flexible and Innovative Solution
  • Assure continuity of the business in case negative circumstances
  • Access to high value talents skills
  • Control of suppliers located far to your operational base
  • Real time interaction and direct wire between engineers and your Supplier quality team