Supplier quality control is an integral part of business success. Unknown issues can have a negative impact on the project and profits. Traditional inspections offer confidence, but they can be expensive and time-consuming especially when you need to supervise the supplier’s tests and/or  the supplier’s quality control staff do not have the right qualifications or experience in the required controls. To improve both the inspection process and supplier site  interaction, we have developed an innovative remote testing solutions  that  can be work installed on any mobile device (tablet, mobile phone or computers). To operate, all requirements are an is internet connectivity, Wi-Fi or 3/4G, so the  parties ( Our operators and your quality team)  can interact seamlessly and effortlessly. The operator using the smart glasses device can record and share in  audio and video streams and enables the real-time exchange of images and documents. Our Remote Testing Solutions can be applied for the below services:

  • Conventional NDT
  • Unconventional NDT
  • PMI
  • Hardness Test
  • Claim and Contestation resolutions


  • A smart and proactive independent verifications
  • Short time in the delivery  testing
  • Certified NDT Operators Constantly monitored and supervised by our NDT Level III
  • Real time interaction  and direct wire between our engineers in the field and your Quality team with augmented reality connectivity
  • 100% of inspection  is recorded in Ultra HD (4K) quality and provided to the client along with optional inspection report
  • Effective benefit-cost ratio