An integrated service designed to reduce the cost and delivery times, evaluate and improve the suppliers performance, assess goods against the purchase specifications and identify and manage all risk related to the delivery delays.

Is an integrated service designed to reduce the cost and delivery time, evaluate the performance of the suppliers, assess goods against the purchase specification and identify any delays managing and reducing the risk connected to the delivery.


  • Global coverage that ensures proper oversight of the entire supply chain worldwide
  • intelligent approach that ensures rapid service delivery times
  • innovative surveillance methods
  • real-time interaction and direct thread between our engineers in the field, suppliers and the company’s quality team
  • Periodic analysis related to the performance and performance of assigned suppliers.

Inspection and Expediting

In the industrial and infrastructure plant market, where the supply allocates a huge number of items, with many different manufacturers around the world make sure the performances and match contractual requirements of own supply chain is indispensable process that all EPC and Packagers operating in the sector . In this way they ensure the satisfaction of their end users and ensure that the goods that will arrive on site in time and conditions to meet the project delivery. Our Inspection and Expediting Services includes :
  • Check the quality of equipment, products and components delivered by vendors
  • Verify the conformity with the requirements of applicable international standards or technical specifications stated in the contract
  • Detect eventual defects at source
  • Check in advance the compliance with client expectations, in order to minimize or avoid the risk of extra costs, due to subsequent failures at site
  • Verification of Work order progress status
  • Review and approval of Manufacturing Data Book
  • Pre-Shipment Inspections

Inspection and Expediting Benefits

  • Global coverage that ensures proper supervision of your entire supply chain all over the world
  • Smart approach that ensures fast service delivery times
  • Real time interaction and direct wire between our vendor engineers in the field and your Suppliers Quality team
  • Periodic survey related to the performance of the assigned suppliers

Vendor Assessment

Implementing a supplier evaluation program is a fundamentally important activity because it provides a precise identity to each individual supplier, so it puts the company in a position to make informed choices to the purchase of raw materials and services taking into account the results obtained by each individual subject in relation to aspects that the company itself has selected and identified as a priority. Our staff is able to conduct assessment visits and Audits to support Customers in verifying the organization, management system, infrastructure, resources, manufacturing capacity and operational control of existing or potential new vendors. The assessment is performed by qualified professionals based on client’s specifications and International standards (through check lists and questionnaires) and is tailored to a specific vendor or a specific process with the intent to ascertain Vendor’s potentiality and their capability to satisfy the scope of work and meet the specified requirements and objectives. Vendor Assessment Services provided include:
  • Assessment of legal and financial status
  • Management structure
  • Company capability (Sales , Engineering, Procurement , Production processes, Quality Control, Administration, Logistics, After Sales etc.)
  • Vendor’s current and future workload analysis
  • Availability and status of machines, equipment and tools
  • Human resources and competences
  • Vendor’s reference / experience lists
  • Vendor’ qualifications / approvals
  • Quality control system
  • Quality management system and procedures
  • Health safety and environmental management system and procedures

Vendor Assessment Benefits

  • Global coverage that ensures proper supervision of your entire supply chain all over the world
  • Smart approach that ensures fast service delivery times
  • Helping minimize subjectivity in judgment and make it possible to consider all relevant criteria in assessing suppliers.
  • Providing overall control of the vendor base.
  • Requiring specific action to correct identified performance weaknesses.
  • Establishing continuous review standards for vendors, thus ensuring continuous improvement of vendor performance.
  • Building vendor partnerships, especially with suppliers having strategic links.
  • Providing risk based assessments.
  • Developing a performance-based culture.

Post Order Solution

Small EPC , Packagers  and Equipment Manufacturer with a limited  quality teams , when  are faced with major projects have to integrated and implement  their  workforces with  match the need to have  skilled people, low-based-budget and “express service” . That's why we've designed our "Post Order Service", a one-stop solution that can ensure a low-cost based skilled workforce. Our POS provides highly qualified engineers in part-time solutions with a combined and integrated proposal that ensures customers have a flexible service, saving costs. Our POS Services includes :
  • Handling and attendance to Kick-off-Meetings with customer
  • Handling or attendance of Pre-Production Meeting or Pre-Inspection Meeting with Suppliers
  • Management of Quality Documentation approval lifecycle
  • Expediting and periodically progress reporting
  • Inspections at supplier premises
  • Quality Assurance and Material Data Book Creation

Post Order Solution Benefits

  • Reduce Cost
  • Flexible use of our engineers
  • Access to high value talents skills
  • Control of Supply chain
  • Real time interaction  and direct wire between our part-time engineers and your Supplier quality team
  • Access to our technology and digital solutions

Remote Surveillance

Globalization , access to specialized technology and the need to reduce the costs associated with the procurement and construction of plants has led EPC and Packagers to articulate a rather complex supply chain involving suppliers around the world. Often the hectic pace and the conditions of the realization of their plants in record time make it difficult to have an adequate presence on site of suppliers during the testing and control phases of supplies purchased in the various areas of the globe simultaneously . TC2 thanks to its consolidate experience in the vendor management services has develop A REMOTE SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONE able to ensure the proper monitoring and control of the performance of the suppliers with the same quality and effectiveness of site visits integrated our inspection and expediting knowledge with information technology and could based tools drived by skilled engineers.

Remote Surveillance Benefits

  • Reduce Cost
  • Flexible and Innovative Solution
  • Assure continuity of the business in case negative circumstances
  • Access to high value talents skills
  • Control of suppliers located far to your operational base
  • Real time interaction and direct wire between engineers and your Supplier quality team

Augmented Reality Inspection

Supplier control is an integral part of business success. Unknown issues can have a negative impact on the project and profits. Traditional inspections offer confidence, but can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you need to oversee supplier operations and/or the unique supplier quality control process on the other side of the world. To improve both the inspection process and the interaction of the supplier site, we have developed an innovative real-time inspection system through the help of augmented realities that can be installed on any mobile device (tablet, mobile phone or computer). To work, all requirements are Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi or 3/4G, so that the parties (our operators and your quality team) can interact seamlessly and effortlessly. Our inspector can attend the control phases at the vendor site on your behalf by interacting with you in real time through the help of smart glasses, this will allow you to save you long trips saving time and money. The use of our augmented reality tools also allow you to record audio and video in support of deliverables and reporting as well as share and exchange images and documents in real time. Our real-time inspections with increased connectivity can be applied first but not only in the following control phases:
  • Incoming material Inspections
  • Intermediate Inspections
  • Witness of Factory Acceptance Test
  • Preservation, Final and Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • Supplier Site Audit
  • Site surveillance for Expeditng and Work order progress control
  • Claim and Contestation Resolutions

    Augmented Reality Inspection Benefits

    • A smart and proactive independent verifications
    • Short time in the delivery testing
    • Real time interaction and direct wire between our engineers in the field and your Quality team with augmented reality connectivity
    • 100% of inspection is recorded in Ultra HD (4K) quality and provided to the client along with optional inspection report
    • Effective benefit-cost ratio