Small EPC , Packagers  and Equipment Manufacturer with a limited  quality teams , when  are faced with major projects have to integrated and implement  their  workforces with  match the need to have  skilled people, low-based-budget and “express service” . That’s why we’ve designed our “Post Order Service”, a one-stop solution that can ensure a low-cost based skilled workforce. Our POS provides highly qualified engineers in part-time solutions with a combined and integrated proposal that ensures customers have a flexible service, saving costs. Our POS Services includes :

  • Handling and attendance to Kick-off-Meetings with customer
  • Handling or attendance of Pre-Production Meeting or Pre-Inspection Meeting with Suppliers
  • Management of Quality Documentation approval lifecycle
  • Expediting and periodically progress reporting
  • Inspections at supplier premises
  • Quality Assurance and Material Data Book Creation


  • Reduce Cost
  • Flexible use of our engineers
  • Access to high value talents skills
  • Control of Supply chain
  • Real time interaction  and direct wire between our part-time engineers and your Supplier quality team
  • Access to our technology and digital solutions