Implementing a supplier evaluation program is a fundamentally important activity because it provides a precise identity to each individual supplier, so it puts the company in a position to make informed choices to the purchase of raw materials and services taking into account the results obtained by each individual subject in relation to aspects that the company itself has selected and identified as a priority.

Our staff is able to conduct assessment visits and Audits to support Customers in verifying the organization, management system, infrastructure, resources, manufacturing capacity and operational control of existing or potential new vendors. The assessment is performed by qualified professionals based on client’s specifications and International standards (through check lists and questionnaires) and is tailored to a specific vendor or a specific process with the intent to ascertain Vendor’s potentiality and their capability to satisfy the scope of work and meet the specified requirements and objectives. Vendor Assessment Services provided include:

  • Assessment of legal and financial status
  • Management structure
  • Company capability (Sales , Engineering, Procurement , Production processes, Quality Control, Administration, Logistics, After Sales etc.)
  • Vendor’s current and future workload analysis
  • Availability and status of machines, equipment and tools
  • Human resources and competences
  • Vendor’s reference / experience lists
  • Vendor’ qualifications / approvals
  • Quality control system
  • Quality management system and procedures
  • Health safety and environmental management system and procedures


  • Global coverage that ensures proper supervision of your entire supply chain all over the world
  • Smart approach that ensures fast service delivery times
  • Helping minimize subjectivity in judgment and make it possible to consider all relevant criteria in assessing suppliers.
  • Providing overall control of the vendor base.
  • Requiring specific action to correct identified performance weaknesses.
  • Establishing continuous review standards for vendors, thus ensuring continuous improvement of vendor performance.
  • Building vendor partnerships, especially with suppliers having strategic links.
  • Providing risk based assessments.
  • Developing a performance-based culture.