UNI 11706-2018: Verification the status of equipment under pressure

UNI 11706-2018: Verification the status of equipment under pressure


The UNI 11706 is an Italian standard applicable to all pressure equipment regarding the verification process of equipment in use ,  standardizing the performance monitoring and measures systems. In detail this standard requires that the assessment of equipment is carried out no later than 40 years of operation, suggesting a preliminary analysis for the identification of damage mechanisms no later than 10 years from the commissioning,

The purpose of the standard is to define the procedures for assessing the state of conservation of equipment and sets for working pressure in relation to the structural and metallurgical degradation of the material and treating the mechanisms of damage with a normally slow evolution, the effects of which are not they are detectable for visual examination. The Standard reports a list of potentially active damage mechanisms on equipment, which includes a qualitative description of the damage phenomenon and an indication of the possible measurement and control methodologies.

The documentation drawn up by the RBI (Risk Based Inspection) procedure based on the rules of the technical report, assessed by the RBI status, by the destructive and non-destructive tests, examined the history and maintenance, indicates any subsequent interventions that are necessary with the relative timing and establish the further practicability of the equipment. The RBI is a process of assessment and risk management that focuses on the possibility of a loss of containment of the equipment in force installed in the production facilities, a cause of the deterioration of the equipment itself, since each industrial plant presents in a important date of his life, an excessive risk.

The level of risk, integrity and safety, can be completed no longer acceptable for operating personnel, for health, the surrounding environment can influence the profitability of the plant itself.

The RBI analysis finds not the last application for request or temporal exceptions for the carrying out of the periodic checks of the law or for the request of inspections alternative to those advanced by the T.U. 81/2008 and s.m.i. all. VII.


TC2 as Accredited Inspection Body specialized in steel structure and pressure equipment is a on-stop solution services provider in the MTIC (management,testing,inspection and certification) segment. Thanks its staff of RBI Engineers and NDT Operators can support your organization with:

1) RBI study with the preparation of inspection plans according to the conditions of operation and damage control;

2) Performing Non-Destructive Testing by qualified personnel according to the UNI EN ISO 9712 standards;

3) Analysis of the results with the report of the UNI 11706-2018 standard.